Humidifier with aromatherapy. Is it worth having one?

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Humidifier with aromatherapy. Is it worth having one?
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Many people are thinking about buying an electric humidifier with aromatizer. Is such a device actually useful?

In advertisements we can often hear about humidifiers with aromatizer and their excellent effect on health and well-being. What is the truth about these devices and is it actually worth buying one? Especially since good quality equipment is an expense of up to several hundred thousand zlotys. 

How does an humidifier work?

An air humidifier is a small device that is especially recommended for allergy sufferers and people who have sinus problems. This is because it increases the humidity of the air in the room, thereby improving its quality. This has a positive effect on functioning and guarantees a more restful sleep. 

There are three types of humidifiers: steam, evaporative and ultrasonic. The first is the cheapest, you just need to pour water into it and plug it in. The water heats up, then is cooled and released into the air. The second type, on the other hand, relies on the natural evaporation of water: the device has a fan and filters. The advantage of such a device is that it not only humidifies, but also cleans from dust and dirt. For children, the most common choice is an ultrasonic humidifier, which breaks up the water with ultrasound, thus turning the water into warm or cool steam. 

Some humidifiers have an aromatizer option. This is an excellent solution, because then you can add oils to them, which not only make the room smell pleasant, but can also have health properties and, for example, decongest the nose or reduce a sore throat.

Where to place a humidifier with aromatherapy?

It is advisable to set the humidifier in such a place that the pleasant scent spreads throughout the room or apartment. It is worth setting it in a child’s bedroom, especially during an infection. Then adding a few drops of oils with antibacterial properties and those that benefit immunity can reduce the risk of complications. 

When setting up a humidifier, it is worth remembering to keep at least half a meter away from walls or furniture. The idea is to avoid making them damp, the oils can also settle on them, creating stains. It is also not recommended to place them next to radiators, as this may reduce the efficiency of the device.

Advantages of humidifier with aromaizer

Humidifier with aromasizer has a lot of advantages. First of all, it provides better air quality, reduces the risk of irritation of mucous membranes due to too dry air, which translates into better sleeping comfort. Using different types of oils can help treat and even prevent various infections. 

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