A simple way to repair inflatable toys

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A simple way to repair inflatable toys
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This year’s vacations so far spoil us with weather. Hot weather encourages us to go to the sea or lakes. Then we can not forget about the inflatable lifebuoys, mattresses and other floating toys, as well as inflatable pools in the plot or garden. What if they get damaged and start to let air through? Does this mean that we have to throw them away and buy new ones? Definitely not!

How to repair inflatable items?

Fortunately, we are slowly starting to get back to the days when repairing things becomes fashionable and in line with the zero waste spirit. It helps us save money and is good for the environment. Inflatable toys and mattresses are mostly made of rubber and plastic, and all you need to patch them up is a simple repair kit or soft plastic glue that you can buy online or in a store. Before repairing, remember to properly prepare the surface around the hole, clean and dry it. Then we follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the package. It is important to remember to be attentive and careful so as not to stick your fingers together and cause more damage.

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