Wiping screens. How to clean your monitor and TV?

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Wiping screens. How to clean your monitor and TV?
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House cleaning is a task that, as a rule, does not cause trouble. However, there are particularly delicate surfaces that are hard to clean. 

This is often due to the fact that it can be damaged quite easily. This applies mainly to computer monitors and TV screens. These areas cannot be cleaned, as once thought, with ordinary glass cleaner. The agent must be perfectly selected so as not to damage the LCD screen and cause permanent stains on the matrix, which are expensive to remove later. So how to effectively and safely clean the TV screen?

Cleaning the screen and monitor – what means to use?

A computer or TV screen requires special treatment. The delicate surface is not resistant either to impacts or to strong chemicals or products that lubricate. You can permanently damage this surface with them and make watching TV or working at the computer impossible. However, also this place in the house gets dirty and attracts dust. So how to deal with such dirt on the surface of a modern TV?

Certainly, for bigger dirt and tougher stains, especially the dried ones, special disposable cloths, which have been moistened with a preparation adapted for LCD screens, will work great. They seem quite dry to the touch, but have an agent in them that effectively removes stains and smudges. Also great is a multi cloth, completely dry, of course, which is great for absorbing dust and helping to bring your computer or TV screen to pristine cleanliness. On top of that, you can even use them for modern touch screens. However, remember not to press too hard, so that no dents or prints appear on this surface. You can also find special cleaners that will be ideal for OLED, QLED or LED TVs.

How to effectively clean a TV screen?

Start cleaning your TV screen by unplugging the TV so that you can comfortably and safely clean the entire surface. Then start cleaning from the frame around the screen. Once you have brought it to a pristine cleanliness, tackle the screen. Remember that you can’t spray the surface of the monitor directly with a cleaner, even one that is designed for this purpose. Just apply it to a cloth and wipe the TV surface. Unless you opt for a multi-cloth, which requires moistening and drying before use. Then applying the cleaner will not be necessary.

Also, don’t forget to clean the back of the TV. Of course, wait for the device to cool down so that you can safely clean the entire equipment. It is worth remembering to clean the TV regularly, especially if you have furry pets in the house. Hair can get under the matrix and destroy the screen or permanently damage it. It’s worth preventing this, as repairs can be quite expensive.

main photo: unsplash.com/Lasse Jensen

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