Dressing table and desk in one

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Dressing table and desk in one
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Multifunctional solutions are the key in arranging small rooms. One such solution is a dressing table, which can also be a desk.

Desk and dressing table in one – a perfect solution

Desk and dressing table are very similar to each other furniture. The dressing table is most often found in the bedroom, which is a great place to study and work when there is no room at home for additional office space.

A dressing table has a rounded shape, so visually it is a lighter piece of furniture than a desk. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it should fit even in the smallest rooms, but has less storage space than a desk. It can be used as a desk for remote work as any laptop will fit on it.

An integral part of every desk and dressing table is a comfortable chair or pouffe. The choice of seat depends on the free space in the room and individual needs. Soft pouffes look beautiful, but sitting on them for several hours is not good for the spine.

For a dressing table to become a desk, it should have plenty of storage space. It is advisable to choose a piece of furniture that has storage spaces. Ideally, there should be two separate drawers. This way, one can be used for cosmetics and the other for office accessories. If the piece of furniture has only one drawer, it is worth using organizers, thanks to which cosmetics and office accessories will fit.

Extensions (shelves or drawers) above the countertop are a very functional way of storage. On such extensions you can place office supplies or cosmetics. This allows you to use the countertop without any problem.

If you still lack storage space, you can hang a shelf on the side or above the dressing table. This way, you can increase the storage space for your essentials.

What mirror and lighting to choose?

The main reason for buying a dressing table is the desire to have a professional place for makeup. Therefore, it can not lack a large mirror and good lighting, which will facilitate the application of cosmetics.

The mirror can be an integral part of the dressing table or can be hung on the wall – it all depends on the location of the dressing table in the interior. If it is located in the bedroom, it is more convenient if the mirror is hung on the wall – then the interior is optically enlarged. If the dressing table will be located in the living room, it is worth choosing a small standing mirror, which can be easily hidden.

What to consider when buying a dressing table and a desk in one?

Before buying a piece of furniture, it is worth finding the optimal place to work and do your makeup. If there is little free space in the apartment, it is worth placing the dressing table near the window. Natural light helps in applying makeup. Once you have chosen a place, you need to rearrange other furniture so that the dressing table fits in and is easily accessible.

Before you buy a dressing table, consider how many makeup and work accessories you will use, as the size of the storage space depends on this. Remember to make sure your new piece of furniture is consistent with your interior design.

A desk with a dressing table is ideal for people who have a small apartment space and like multifunctional solutions.

Main photo: Minh Hoàng/unsplash.com

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