Brick wall in the kitchen. How to protect it against dirt?

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Brick wall in the kitchen. How to protect it against dirt?
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Brick has been appearing more and more frequently as a finishing element in kitchens for several seasons. Depending on the color you choose, it can give the room a sober character or, on the contrary, emphasize its avant-garde nature

Brick has many advantages – it is universal, extremely durable and perfectly adjusts to various arrangement styles. What to do when a brick wall in kitchen gets dirty? In our text, we suggest how to deal with stains which appear.

Brick wall – fashionable solution for kitchen

Brick looks great both in the company of wood, metal and stone. It is a very popular choice especially among fans of rustic style, which relies on natural finish and idyllic accents. On the other hand, if painted white, it will perfectly complement the interior decorated in Scandinavian style in which bright colors and minimalistic furniture prevail. All this makes the brick a truly universal building and finishing material

More and more often it appears also in kitchen as an alternative for classic tiles. Properly applied, it can give the interior a cozy character or, conversely, a raw, modern expression.

Is brick a practical material for the kitchen?

Many customers wonder whether the choice of brick to finish the walls in the kitchen is really the right solution. Architects suggest that yes, if you can take care of it.

Brick for many years retains its appearance, does not fade despite use. It looks perfect in combination with many materials, and additionally is durable and resistant to abrasion. Brick also withstands temperature fluctuations and contact with moisture without any problems, which can be particularly important in kitchens. All this makes more and more people decide to add this material for decoration

How to take care of the cleanliness of walls in the kitchen?

The kitchen is the space where it is easiest to get dirty, so regardless of the location of the brick, it is worth properly protecting it. The most popular preparations include impregnate and acrylic lacquer. They additionally make that the surface will not leave dust or dirt

Another way to protect the brick is to paint it with a special paint dedicated to the kitchen. Such a layer will protect against moisture absorption, development of fungi and mold. After the application of protective preparation, small dirt will be much easier to remove from the brick, using only a damp microfiber cloth, and the resulting stains should not strongly discolor the material

Dirt on brick wall – what to do?

The most important thing in care of brick in kitchen is regular and current removal of occurring dirt. It is sufficient to apply cleaning liquid on a damp cloth and to wipe it off. In professional building stores, you can also get agents intended specifically for bricks. They allow you to remove various types of dirt, such as grease, dust or salt efflorescence, among others.

What is worth remembering when decorating a kitchen?

When creating an arrangement of the kitchen, it is worth remembering first of all about its functionality. Proper arrangement of countertops will definitely make it easier to organize work and keep things in order. For this reason, it is advisable to think carefully about the whole arrangement and consider your needs.

It is a good idea to choose practical, simple in form furniture and emphasize the character of the interior with accessories such as aesthetic handles, framed pictures or a decorative piece of wall. Brick in the shade of white, beige or ivory in combination with chrome trim will give the whole interior elegance, and left in its natural orange color will be a strong color accent in the apartment

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Brick has been impressing with its timeless look for many years, so with the knowledge of how to clean it properly, it will certainly be a great finishing touch in the kitchen. It’s worth remembering to protect the one above the stove – it’s a place particularly prone to staining with grease and cooking residue. It’s definitely better to invest in proper impregnation at the beginning to save yourself time and money on maintenance and dry-cleaning later. Of course, regular maintenance is not without us.

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