How do you get rid of dirt on a carpet?

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How do you get rid of dirt on a carpet?

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A beautiful, fluffy white carpet is a beautiful decoration for the living room. Unfortunately, white carpet, especially in a frequently used area like the living room, stays white for a very short time. Chocolate, red wine, dirt and dust from under your shoes are huge threats to your carpet. How do you get rid of the dirt and keep your carpet clean?

How to remove greasy stains?

When it comes to greasy stains, time is of the essence. In the first moment, baking soda has a chance to work, which will absorb the grease to a large extent and pull the oil out of the fibers. However, baking soda alone is not enough, it will only inhibit the spread of the stain. After removing the baking soda, blot the oily stain with dishwashing liquid or spirit

How to remove mud stains?

A mud stain is fairly easy to clean. In most cases, unless the stain is firmly pressed into the carpet fibers, simply wait for the mud to dry and then vacuum the carpet. The sand will dry and crumble out with no problem. If the mud is already deeply embedded in the carpet’s fibers, it is difficult to clean with a vacuum cleaner alone. In this case, a carpet shampoo or powder can be used in combination with York carpet cleaning products

How do I remove a white wine stain?

White wine leaves an unsightly yellow stain on white carpets, which darkens over time and becomes more and more visible. To stop the oxidation process of wine on the fabric, use spirit vinegar mixed half and half with water. This will prevent the stain from darkening because the acid contained in the vinegar will inhibit the process. Then, to get rid of the unpleasant smell of vinegar, use a carpet shampoo

How to remove a stain from red wine?

All the golden advice that says to pour white wine on the stain from red wine or sprinkle it with salt are myths. To scrub a wine stain fresh, use cold water (hot will only perpetuate the stain) followed by citric acid. Pour a five percent solution of citric acid on the spot where the wine spilled, and then treat the carpet with shampoo. This combination should take care of this tough stain.

How to remove a coffee stain?

Coffee is the second most staining liquid after red wine. It is difficult to remove coffee stain from the fabric, but nothing is impossible. In this case, a ten percent ammonia solution will be most effective. Pour ammonia on the stain, and then shampoo the carpet to get rid of the characteristic unpleasant smell. If you don’t have ammonia, citric acid mixed with water in 5% concentration will be equally effective

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How to remove glue or chewing gum from carpet?

For adhesives, it’s best to treat them with hot water to dissolve the fibers and then use a carpet shampoo or detergent to remove the diluted adhesive. For more stubborn glue stains, spirit can also be effective. Chewing gum, on the other hand, is every carpet’s nightmare. It is very difficult to remove, especially from shaggy carpets and those with long pile. For carpets with short fibers, an ice cube will work. You need to rub it on the rubber until it freezes, then use a knife or credit card to pry up the stiff rubber. When it comes to long hair, you can work similarly. Spray an aerosol, such as deodorant, on the gum to stiffen it so it can be combed out from between the fibers. In some cases, strong alcohol works well too, preferably spirits, but vodka is also worth a try

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