How do you keep your bathroom clean?

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How do you keep your bathroom clean?

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A freshly renovated bathroom always looks neat. To keep it looking its best at all times, you need to clean it on a regular basis. Find out how to keep it in good condition.

You will need the right cleaning products and accessories to keep your bathroom clean. Remember to clean regularly and thoroughly. In order to prevent harmful fungus formation, it is worth taking care of proper ventilation of the bathroom. It is also recommended to open a window or door after bathing. If you have a problem with excessive moisture, invest in a special absorber. It is usually not a big expense, and it is extremely helpful

Natural cleaning products

The basis of a good cleaning is the right cleaning products. We recommend betting on ecological cleaning products. Their action is based on natural ingredients. Modern specifics are very effective. In addition, they do not pollute the environment. They do not have a negative impact on the surrounding nature. They are also safer for the skin. Chemical equivalents act very aggressively. If you accidentally touch a product, you may end up with irritation. The choice is wide and stores offer detergents for different parts of the bathroom. For example, for the toilet, bathtub, tiles, or mirrors. All-purpose natural products also work well. They can be used to wash many surfaces. Examples include cleaning paste, or multi-purpose gels and liquids

Many eco-friendly cleaning products are sealed in glass containers or recyclable bottles. In larger cities, there are special vending machines where you can refill product packaging from certain companies. In this way, you can refill different cleaning liquids, for example

Natural cleaning products can be made yourself at home. A universal ingredient is baking soda. It has disinfectant properties. It is suitable, for example, for cleaning the shower cabin. You can also use it to clean floor tiles and grout in the bathroom. Salt and spirit vinegar are also natural ingredients used for this purpose

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Cleaning accessories

Cleaning the bathroom cannot do without special accessories and equipment. Using cloths, sponges or scrubbers is not only convenient but also effective. There are many versions of cloths. You need to choose them according to your preferences. Popular are those made of microfiber, cotton and bamboo. You should equip yourself with protective gloves. This will make cleaning more comfortable, plus you will take care of your hands. You will also avoid contact with germs. You can use disposable latex gloves or rubber ones

For floors you will need a broom or a vacuum cleaner. For mopping, it is worth buying a flat mop. You can also find eco-friendly versions of these in stores. Look for recycled ones. The York store, for example, offers them

A convenient option is to purchase a free mop with a bucket. The modern ones contain two containers. In one, you’ll rinse it out, and in the other, you’ll squeeze it out. There are also rotating buckets that are even more convenient to use. It is worth buying supplies for the mop. If it gets dirty, you can quickly replace it with a new one. Some people forget to change the tip and it negatively affects the cleanliness of the rooms. A triangular mop will clean hard-to-reach places perfectly. It is easy to reach all corners and angles

A squeegee is an accessory that comes in handy for cleaning shower windows. It removes excess water from large glass surfaces without leaving streaks. You can also use it for any mirrors and windows

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