How to keep a restaurant tidy?

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How to keep a restaurant tidy?

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A professionally run restaurant must be clean and tidy. This is a necessary condition for customers to have confidence in the offered dishes and want to return to the premises. Not only is the hygiene of the prepared meals important but also keeping the kitchen tidy and regularly cleaning the tables and disinfecting common areas. All this together contributes to the image and reputation of the restaurant.

Sensible use of space

To keep your facility clean, think about the layout of your catering kitchen and invest in solutions that make food preparation and subsequent cleaning easier. Properly selected kitchen equipment will make the work run comfortably, and the room will remain neat. First of all, it is worth buying equipment racksthe kitchen equipment is a good choice for a professional kitchen, thanks to which you can save a lot of space. In a professional kitchen, a hanger for utensils or a stainless steel pot lid holder will work well. With hangers and organisers some of the kitchen accessories can be hung on the wall or inside the cupboard, leaving the worktops free and the whole kitchen more aesthetically pleasing. In many restaurants, the problem with cleanliness is due to outdated refrigeration equipment. It is impossible to run a successful catering business without taking care of the freshness of products. Reliable refrigeration cabinets are essential in every restaurant. Depending on your needs, it is worth investing in refrigeration equipmentsuch as, among others, food cooling cabinets, bottle coolers or cooling tables for bars and salads. It is good to buy high-quality equipment, in which the storage of products will allow you to keep them useful for as long as possible. The following are also helpful in preserving the freshness of foods kitchen blast freezers. When choosing a model, it is worth checking the cooling time, energy consumption and make sure that the device meets all hygiene standards. On the market there are chillers in various sizes, both industrial ones and portable models.

Regular cleaning of the premises

To improve the cleanliness of the premises it is worth investing in a capacious catering dishwasher, as well as preparations and equipment for cleaning various surfaces. Cleaning and disinfecting agents used in the restaurant should first of all be certified and approved by the Minister of Health to be recognized during the inspection of the Sanitary Inspectorate. An unannounced inspection may include, among other things, checking the order in the room, kitchen and backroom, as well as the way food is stored, the condition of social rooms and the technical condition of equipment.

Procedures in catering establishments during increased sanitation

It should also be remembered that in the current situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, it is necessary to provide access to hand disinfectants not only to employees but also to customers of the restaurant. It is advisable to place dispensers at the entrance to the premises, in the bathroom, at the entrance to the kitchen and at the cash register. Cleaning of the premises should include regular washing and disinfecting of tables after each customer, as well as frequent cleaning of the bathroom, wiping handles and customer service counters with antibacterial liquid. The employer is required to provide employees with personal protective equipment, which includes disposable gloves, masks, protective clothing and disinfectants. Good hygiene practices also include ensuring distance between workstations and limiting the number of people using the premises.

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