Scour resistant ceramic paints

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Scour resistant ceramic paints
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There isn’t a person who hasn’t had a wall get dirty at least once. It doesn’t matter if the dirt was caused by a pet, a child or during a party.

Stains from mud, drinks, paw prints and crayons may seem difficult to remove and cause the risk of paint chipping during cleaning. Therefore, it is worth choosing ceramic paints that are resistant to scrubbing. We reveal which paints available on the market are simply unbreakable.

Ceramic paints – application

Ceramic paints are undeniably the most popular form of finishing of wall surfaces. In construction stores, we can find a number of emulsions of various brands, which we can adjust to our needs. However, if we are looking for a paint resistant to potential scrubbing in case it gets dirty, it is worth choosing a ceramic one

They are much more resistant to all kinds of damage than latex paints. Thanks to that, even in case of visible dirt there is no concern about destroying the coating during sponge cleaning or scrubbing, or even by moisture. That is why ceramic paints are perfect for humid rooms such as bathrooms

The paint can also be used in such rooms as a kitchen or a hallway, which are particularly exposed to any kind of contamination with grease or other substances. What is more, ceramic paints are also resistant to color fading. Thanks to that, they will enjoy a fresh look for years, just like after renovation

Properties of ceramic paints

A characteristic feature of ceramic paints is their extraordinary flexibility when painting. However, you need to remember that just after drying, the emulsion starts to form a dense and hard coating. Thanks to that it can perfectly mask the imperfections of the walls and keep the painted surface in good condition.

When cleaning walls that have been painted with ceramic paint, you can use detergents, even the stronger ones, without any fear. Scrubbing will not damage the wall either. What is more, after cleaning there is no trace of dirt or detergent used. Thus, the structure of the wall remains intact and the color does not discolor or fade

The advantage of ceramic paints is that they can remove even the most difficult stains, such as wine, coffee, crayons, markers or mud, which appeared on the walls due to animal paws.

What prevails in favor of ceramic paints is also their water resistance. They also do not absorb dirt, dust and other impurities from the air. Additionally, these are paints that can be described as breathable, meaning that they are fully permeable to the wall structure. However, these advantages come at a price, as ceramic paints are more expensive than even latex paints

How to check if a paint is resistant to scrubbing?

When talking about the resistance of paint in terms of scrubbing, it is important to emphasize that it depends primarily on the composition. The most important is, of course, the type and amount of binder used during its production. Selected in an appropriate way, it is a guarantee of high resistance to dirt cleaning.

Ceramic paint owes its resistance to high content of acrylic resins and ceramic filings, which support its durability and resistance. As a result, no dirt will be a challenge or risk damaging the walls. When choosing paint for interior design, it is worth checking its composition to make sure you have chosen the best quality paint, which will be 100% resistant to scrubbing and mechanical damage.


The most important thing on the label should be the abrasion classification of the paint according to European standard PN-EN 13300 – it confirms the quality of the paint we have chosen. If you are not sure about the choice, it is best to ask for advice to a store worker, who will provide you with all the necessary information, making it easier for you to make the right choice and purchase the ceramic paint that will decorate your interior

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