Laundry balls. What are they and how to use them?

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Laundry balls. What are they and how to use them?
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More and more people are abandoning traditional washing powders or even capsules. Conscious choices nowadays are eco-friendly replacements that work wonderfully and save money additionally. On the market you will find more and more proposals in this regard. Certainly worthy of attention are laundry balls. However, what are they characterized by and what is their phenomenon?

Clean clothes without using powder

Washing clothes without the use of powder or washing capsules is an excellent alternative for those who appreciate ecological solutions. Then your clothes will be fragrant and clean, and at the same time the mass of environmentally harmful chemicals will not get into the water.

However, these are not the only advantages. It is worth mentioning that such solutions as laundry balls work wonderfully if you have a baby or an allergic person at home. Often powders and capsules cause allergic reactions, especially if you have very sensitive and delicate skin. That’s why you should consider buying an eco-friendly laundry detergent, such as balls. However, how do they wash our clothes and how to use them?

Everything you should know about laundry balls

Before you decide to buy a particular solution for your home, especially such a novelty as laundry balls, it is worth finding out how it works. So, as the name suggests, it is a plastic ball that has small holes in it. That’s not the end of it, of course! Inside it should be granules made of ceramic. They are responsible for washing clothes. This is because they are not ordinary balls, in their composition there is a very fine washing substance, resin and mineral salts. All these ingredients will allow you to effectively wash even tough dirt.

It is worth mentioning that the balls have a unique ability to reduce the surface tension of water, and therefore can successfully replace traditional strong laundry detergents. On top of this, the granules are made of mineral matter and do not contain any synthetic substances. The only exception is the container for ceramic balls. It is also worth finding out on what principle such modern solutions work. So, after placing the laundry ball in the washing machine or in a bowl of hot water, the granules begin to react with it. This involves the detachment of negatively charged minerals and ions from them. They then penetrate the fabric and remove the dirt.

You can also meet solutions that release infrared waves after contact with water, which in turn creates micro-ionization of the water and greater vibrations that increase the effectiveness of laundry balls in the clash with tough dirt. The laundry ball simply needs to be placed in the washing machine, between the clothes, just like a capsule. You can add rinse liquid to make your things smell beautiful. You can use the ball repeatedly, which makes you save a lot of money, and on top of that, you will contribute to protecting our natural environment! You will see that you will switch to using only the laundry ball very quickly!

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