Waste garbage can installation step by step

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Waste garbage can installation step by step
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A garbage can, whether at home or outdoors, should be functional, neat and unobtrusive.

There are many ways to create an aesthetically pleasing garbage can under your house – all you need to do is prepare for it properly. Apart from materials and location, it is also worth to think about the issue of waste segregation. In this article we have gathered some of the most important tips that will help you plan and carry out such a construction on your own.

What should you know about building a dumpster?

A practical trash can is a must. Although it is difficult to consider it as an ornament of the garden, it is worth considering how to make it blend in as much as possible with the greenery, and at the same time fulfil its function. Space designers stress that the most important thing is not to let the dumpster compete with the surrounding plants or small architecture

The easiest way to achieve a positive effect is to use the same (or similar) material as the building’s facade or fence, depending on the location of the dumpster. Regardless of the form adopted, it is a good idea to ensure that the development of trash cans harmonizes with the surrounding space.

Materials and place for building a dumpster

The place and the material from which you will build your dumpster shelter are certainly two of the most important aspects that you need to think about carefully. They will affect not only the aesthetics of your garden, but also the smell and functionality of access to the garbage cans. We suggest what you should pay attention to.

Choosing the right location

It’s a good idea to think about the location for your outdoor waste bins when you’re designing your garden. This will help you find the best place to put it so that no one will be disturbed. If the place for the garbage can is chosen at random, the garbage can may turn out to be an incongruous element, adding to the unpleasant smell.

For smaller lots, it is most convenient to place the dumpster shelter right next to the gate. This will allow for convenient trash pickup, while moving the trash away from the entrance to the house. When deciding to place a dumpster in a recess in the fence, it is worth remembering about two wickets. This will allow comfortable access both from the street (which is important for the waste collection company) and from the house. When planning a development for waste garbage cans, remember about the obligatory waste segregation and provide space for several garbage cans

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Materials for the construction of waste garbage cans

The most common option is to build a cover supported by four poles with a roof (most often wooden or metal, less often plastic). Side walls and wickets are often added

In the case of a garbage shed, the foundation does not have to be deep – about 60 centimeters is enough. We protect the excavated hole with construction foil and put reinforcement from rods. Concrete or cement floor is poured, and on such hardened floor you can already put the wall or fix the posts (usually they are made of bricks or poured out of concrete). Finally, the trash cans are covered with a roof to protect the containers from intense sunlight and rain

However, there are many alternative ideas. Pallets are a quick and inexpensive way to build an aesthetically pleasing structure for your trash cans. This basic construction can be done by anyone with the help of a drill. You can also paint the shed to your liking or cover it with climbing plants. The best thing to do if you are going to place a trash can on your property is to place it on the ground. These will work great if you place the garbage cans behind an enclosed, custom-made fence.

Waste segregation – clever ways to make your life easier

Segregation of garbage should be started already in the kitchen and separate containers should be set out for paper, plastic, glass, metal and other garbage. It is also worth composting organic waste. This way you not only reduce the amount of garbage, but also contribute to environmental protection. By the way, we will obtain a valuable fertilizer, which can be used in the garden

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