Paper cups and plates – an idea for an eco barbecue

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Paper cups and plates – an idea for an eco barbecue

You don’t have to break out the porcelain tableware to host an eco-friendly barbecue – disposable cups, plates and cutlery are now available on paper. See how to prepare an eco barbecue!

Lavish garden parties with china tableware and white tablecloths look nice, but they can be a lot of work to prepare and clean up after the event. Heavy, easily broken crockery can be inconvenient for a casual outdoor party. When preparing a barbecue we like to use more practical solutions.

Ecological paper instead of plastic

You don’t have to use environmentally harmful plastic to prepare a casual barbecue. Now you can find eco-friendly tableware made of paper, which is perfect for a barbecue. Disposable cups and plates made of paper are eco-friendly and strong enough to serve dishes on. We also have an eco-friendly version of disposable cutlery available, made from wood or bamboo

How to organize an eco barbecue

Paper plates are available in different sizes – so you can use disposable tableware to serve whatever you want to put on the table. An eco-friendly barbecue is not just about utensils, but also about healthy food – try replacing packaged snacks with tasty grilled vegetables, a good salad or homemade chips. In addition to traditional potatoes, eggplant, zucchini, bananas or pineapple work well here. When buying drinks, try to choose those in glass bottles instead of plastic

Grilling without harming the environment

Choosing an electric or gas grill will reduce the amount of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere. However, if you only have a traditional charcoal grill, then choose charcoal or hardwood

We also have the option of getting an eco-friendly grill, which does not produce smoke and other harmful substances when burning coal. Another option is a grill with a lid, which reduces energy loss and thus fuel consumption.

Tidy is eco

Any eco barbecue must first and foremost end with tidiness. Let’s make sure that we do not leave any trash and waste in nature. It is best to think about setting up one or two garbage cans before the event begins, which will help to keep things tidy and avoid spreading garbage. If you’re grilling outside your own property, be sure to bring trash bags with you.

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