Proven ways to treat your dog’s coat

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Proven ways to treat your dog’s coat

Are you planning to adopt a dog or looking for proven ways to deal with hair? We know very well that every owner of a four-legged friend has a huge problem with taking care of it. If we have such a possibility, the chosen furniture for our apartment should be resistant to stains and damage

How to take care of furniture?

If we have decided to have a pet after furnishing the apartment, we must be aware of how to care for furniture. A four-legged friend usually chooses a couch or an armchair to rest on. When his bedding is not attractive enough for him, a good solution will be to invest in a special protective bedspread for furniture. The advantage is the availability of a huge range of colors and the possibility of easy cleaning, because it can be washed. Some of these types of products have waterproof linings, which is an added advantage when teaching your dog to be clean. What if we are not equipped with such mats? How to remove hair from upholstery?

Removing hair from upholstery

In order to remove hair from the upholstery, it is necessary to reach for the right products. A slightly dampened microfiber cloth will be a good solution. The recommended way to clean the couch is to move from top to bottom and scrape off the hair. As an alternative to a microfiber cloth, you can use a rubber glove or stocking. This will do a great job of picking up any messes. In case your pets leave hair behind, using a furniture polish with anti-static properties is a good precaution

Hair – is it the only problem?

Of course, leaving hair on upholstery and furniture is a huge challenge. But it’s not the only problem pet owners face. Some pets can inadvertently destroy interior accessories and decorations. It is not uncommon for pets to sharpen their claws against the carpet or armchair. If you want to prevent this, applying lemongrass oil to the material is a good solution

Clothes roller

A reliable solution for when your dog leaves hair behind is a clothes roller. The top layer has been coated with adhesive, which allows you to effectively pick up the lost hair. Unfortunately, the big downside is the size of the device and the time it takes to clean the items from the fur. If you have a large area, this will not only be a lengthy but also expensive process. However, if we are getting ready to go out and there are visible traces of the morning’s play with the dog on our clothes, the clothes roller will work well to refresh our closet quickly and effectively

Frequent cleaning – a recipe for success

Having a four-legged friend can have a very positive effect on the mood of everyone in the house. The disadvantage may be frequent cleaning after our pets. The best way to deal with the problem of hair left behind, is frequent vacuuming. Ideally, if you have the right nozzle for the vacuum cleaner. It’s also a good idea to brush your pet regularly, which will minimize the time involved in cleaning. Daily grooming and removal of frizzled hair, will work perfectly in most cases. When bathing dogs to take care of the condition of their coat and skin, it is necessary to choose the right shampoos or other cleansers. In this way, we can be sure that the pet’s coat will retain its shine and will not fall out at such a rapid pace

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First of all, however, the most effective solution to excessive hair loss, will be to take care of a proper diet and supplementation. An obvious and natural process is shedding, which occurs with the change of season. However, if the coat loss lasts many months or we can systematically observe an increase in this process, it is worth to visit the vet with the pet and perform basic examinations.

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