Spring cleaning to do in the bedroom

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Spring cleaning to do in the bedroom

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Spring is a time of changes, time to refresh and clean interiors to breathe new life into them after winter. Dusty and not ventilated space gives an impression of unpleasant, dark and dirty. Nobody wants to stay in such a bedroom, yet it is a room, where one spends quite a big part of the day. If you want your bedroom to be a place of relaxation, rest and battery recharging, you need to take proper care of it. See what spring cleaning should be done in your bedroom

Putting your closet in order

A bedroom often contains space for storing clothes. A closet or closet needs a thorough refresh practically every season, but spring and fall cleaning is most crucial here. In the spring, it’s a good idea to replace seasonal clothes – autumn and winter sweaters and jackets should be packed up and stored in the attic, while spring dresses and shorts should be taken out. There’s a reason for hiding clothes you don’t wear. When you take out of the cardboard box a beautiful, light floral dress that you haven’t seen for six months, you are happy as new. Any clothes that you don’t wear because they’re not appropriate for the weather, store them away and only take them out when the weather allows you to use them. This not only saves space in your closet, but also keeps you from making unnecessary purchases

Your closet or closet should also be thoroughly vacuumed and your clothes re-arranged so they don’t get squashed or dirty from the dirt in your closet. Also, go through whether you definitely need all your clothes. Maybe you have clothes that already need to be thrown out or sold. By reviewing your closet regularly, you can make room for new clothes.

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Refresh your bed

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. It’s worth taking care of it so it will serve you well for years to come. Air out your mattress in the spring and turn it inside out so it wears evenly. Also wash your bedding according to the instructions provided by the bedding manufacturer. This is extremely important because a lot of harmful fungus and bacteria can build up in your comforter and pillow, affecting your appearance and health. If you have a small washing machine and the 160×200 bedding, which is the standard set for a double bed, does not fit into the drum, return the set to the laundry. Regular cleaning and airing of bedding has a real impact on your health and quality of sleep

The material from which the bedding is made is also not insignificant. Synthetic fabrics make the comforter warm up quickly and hold heat, which is unbearable on warm nights. Cotton duvets are a great choice for all seasons because the natural materials “breathe” and adapt well to thermal conditions.

Window cleaning and airing

Light is very important when it comes to the appearance of a room. Dirty, dusty and dull windows will make the whole bedroom look gloomy and grey. Thoroughly wash the windows, vacuum the frame and blinds or wash the curtains and make sure they are really white. Air out the room for a few hours, let all the smells and raised dust fly out the window. Now the bedroom has a completely different atmosphere. To boost the fresh effect, wash curtains and textiles with a strong-smelling fabric softener or spray them with a textile spray in your favourite scent

The bedroom is an intimate and private place. However, it is worth taking care of it, even if nobody besides you and your other half visits it. Do the cleaning in the bedroom for yourself, so that you can feel like in a luxury hotel room in your own home.

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