What are the types of coffee?

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What are the types of coffee?
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The most popular coffee varieties are robusta, arabica and blends. Read the article to find out the differences between them and choose the right kind of coffee for you

Plain coffees

Origins is the name applied to coffees grown within one geographical area, one country or one region. As a result, the flavor of the beans is usually specific to that location. The best plain coffees beans should be identifiable to the plantation. Climatic conditions, soil type, proximity to other plants and the location of the crop all have an influence on the quality of the beans

The harvesting methods used on the plantation and the way the beans are processed also have a great influence on the final taste of the coffee. Coffees from Brazil and Colombia, for example, often contain chocolate and nut flavors. If you like subtle bitterness and mild acidity, choose beans from South America. Coffees from Indian plantations that are infused with spices and oriental aromas can also be a good choice. Lovers of deep spice flavours will love this kind.

It’s worth remembering that the most delicious coffees are grown in the so-called coffee belt, which covers the area between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn and offers the best plantation conditions.

Robusta and arabica

Arabica and robusta are the most common coffee varieties. Arabica is distinguished by its mildness and rich aroma. It contains less caffeine than robusta and can therefore be consumed several times a day. Arabica usually produces a light to medium roast coffee, which can be distinguished from strong roasts by its higher acidity and pleasant sweetness. It is ideal for pour-over brewing and can be served without milk. Please note that coffee tastes best when it is freshly ground. Especially recommended are whole bean coffees 1kg with a creamy texture and a slightly honeyed flavour, which go well with the addition of sugar cane and dried apricots.

Coffee blends

A blend is a composition of two or more types of coffee beans. It is worth knowing that coffee blends are created in order to achieve harmonious combinations of properties of selected coffee species and varieties grown in various regions of the world. Thanks to the work of roasters and baristas there are blends on the market tailored to various preferences, e.g. compositions offering strong and stimulating coffee and those guaranteeing a mild taste experience conducive to relaxation. It’s worth remembering that blends best reflect the characteristics of individual beans, which is why they are often used for espresso. It is on the basis of the classic Italian espresso that most of the most popular coffee drinks served with milk are created

It’s worth choosing blends based on high-quality beans. One of the most popular blends is that of South American beans – especially the combination of Brazilian and Colombian beans, characterized by perceptible aromas of chocolate, nuts and citrus. Blends are suitable for those who prefer different brewing methods. If you’re looking for a mild coffee with a honey-nut flavor and tones of peach, check out these blends of Brazilian, Colombian and Costa Rican beans. Mild coffees are perfect for a relaxing afternoon or as a complement to dessert. Intense, stimulating and energizing coffees are usually created from Brazilian, Colombian and Indian beans. A strong roast gives the coffee bitterness and depth, complemented by Indian accents in the form of peppery and spicy notes.

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