It cooks itself! Cooking in the slow cooker

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It cooks itself! Cooking in the slow cooker
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What is a slow cooker and what can we gain by buying it? This interesting and functional device allows us to fully control the cooking process. This is done while saving time, which we do not have to waste on watching over broth or stew. How to choose a slow cooker? We suggest!

Why exactly a “slow cooker”?

Otherwise known as “cooker”. This electric appliance uses relatively low temperatures to prepare food. It is less than 100 degrees C. What does such technology give us? First of all it gives us safety of preparing food for a longer period of time, where we don’t have to be afraid of burning

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The secret of slow cooker operation – proper construction

This way of preparing food would be impossible if it were not for the specific construction of a slow cooker. This device is constructed of:

  • the heating casing: it is electric and equipped with a control panel, which allows you to use the device conveniently. We cook as much time as a given dish requires and we do not have to supervise the process continuously;
  • a pot of metal or stoneware;
  • a glass lid: thanks to it you can see what is happening with your dish while it is cooking.

Slow cooker modes: high and low

Contrary to appearances, they do not refer to low and high temperatures. The device works in this way to operate below the boiling point. Most often it reaches from 80 to 93 degrees C. The low mode means that the preparation of food is reached in about seven hours. Using the high mode, you will reach your goal in a maximum of three hours

What do we gain when we decide to cook in a slow cooker?

First of all it is a very simple and functional way of preparing food. It has various applications – as a result of long-term processing dishes become aromatic and above all healthy. Why does this happen? Well, the low temperature at which they are cooked does not cause any loss of nutrients, vitamins and natural flavor. The warm mode is kind of additional – we use it to keep already prepared food warm for as long as possible. It is important that the appliance can work for up to 20 hours. The longer the cooking time, the lower its power will be. It is also worth mentioning that the low mode allows us to preserve more aroma, vitamins and nutrients in the products being cooked

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A slow cooker is cheap and easy to use

It is not without significance that the technology used in a slow cooker helps to reduce electricity consumption. Not only do you get tasty meals and don’t have to worry so much about preparing them, but you will also save money usually spent on electricity. It is also worth noting that the slow cooker is easy to use and safe. It works silently and only requires a small amount of our supervision. We can program it and go back to what we have to do besides cooking

What dishes will “cook themselves” in a slow cooker?

Listing the advantages of this device, we should mention that we will prepare very different types of dishes in it. It will certainly be an excellent solution for various one-pot dishes. The idea of their preparation is simplicity and speed – by using a slow cooker, we will achieve the goal even more efficiently. We will be able to delight our friends with the taste of bigos, which will be especially good when prepared in low mode. Similarly, we can also prepare meat, stuffed cabbage rolls, soups, broths, vegetable and fruit preserves or even cakes.

How much does a slow cooker cost?

You have to pay from 100 to even 800 PLN for this kind of device. However, it is worth buying it because of its practical applications and energy savings. This device can become our great ally in the daily struggle with cooking. We will save our time, while the expense will pay for itself after some time in the form of electricity savings. In addition – no more burnt food in the kitchen.

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