The impact of an SEO audit on planning an SEO strategy

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The impact of an SEO audit on planning an SEO strategy
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Until recently, e-commerce business recorded much lower profits than direct sales of goods and services, but now the roles have reversed and e-commerce is slowly starting to displace standard direct sales. Why? There are many reasons, such as the ease of comparing prices from different suppliers, fast shipping, secure payment methods and the ability to purchase niche and unpopular products. There is also one disadvantage – high competition. SEO significantly increases the visibility of a website in Google search results and thus also the profits generated by it.

What is an Magento SEO audit and why is it so important?

Magento SEO audit is the first basic stage of long-term positioning, which serves as a precise and in-depth analysis of a chosen website in terms of its current state. Positioners and programmers evaluate a number of different parameters during the audit – there can be even several hundred of them. Among the parameters assessed are website design and compliance with the requirements of the target group, security, navigation, metrics, file consistency, readability, internal and external links, logs and addresses and many, many more. All of them have a huge impact on further actions of the chosen SEO interactive agency, which is why many of them do not start cooperation without conducting an audit. So if you’re asking how to position a website with Magento, start by booking a Magento SEO audit.

Detail and precision above all

Precision and accuracy are especially important during an Magento SEO audit. Many independent positioners do not pay enough attention to this aspect, which is a difficult and troublesome mistake to correct. This action is aimed at a thorough analysis of the site, so you can easily prepare a detailed outline of the concept of further action within it. Good idea would be to hire user testing customer experience of the website, who will be able to give feedback allowing future updates and corrections. A person like user testing customer experience is unspokenly valuable, just because users’ reaction to our website is what interests us most. Positioning anywhere without preparing a proper strategy is much more difficult and thus also much more expensive. Trust SEO agencies such as SEO Seattle and position yourself with head and proper technical and content support. At the same time, we remind you that the solution with user testing customer experience is great itself and very affordable. 

The price and costs of positioning depend mainly on the amount of work, but it doesn’t mean to be prohibitively expensive, for example cooperation with the best SEO Seattle specialists is effective and affordable. The owner of a pre-positioned website has to prepare for a different value of investment than the owner of a website that has never been optimized before. At the end we’d like to mention that the SEO Seattle agency, like other agencies as a rule, do not want to start cooperation before conducting an audit.

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